This page contains many of the useful files from members of the E15ET Yahoo! Group and other various sources. I am still in the process of moving all the important files from the group so check back for updates of this section.

Original Nissan Pulsar Turbo ET advertisements

( pictures are of larger size to ensure clarity eg. 100kb )


E15ET Yahoo! Group FAQ - V0.25

Text file format of frequently asked questions about the E15ET engine..

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EXA and ET Dash Photos :

Giving locations of wiring plugs.


E15ET ECU Diagnostic Procedure for problems:

Got a problem with your car and wanting to check your ecu for problems? If so these following pictures will let you know what each diagnostic code will mean.


Electrical wiring diagrams:


       ECU - wiring(1)       ECU - wiring (2)           Ignition system            Power system        

Injector comparison


Original Nissan Cherry Turbo and Non-Turbo sales brochure


Speco Camshaft re-grind figures for Nissan Pulsar Turbo


Details of Nissan camshaft regrind #'s and resulting effects


Turbo Specs for Garret Turbochargers (Microsolf Excel Format)

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N12 Gear Ratios






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